Saturday, December 29, 2012

Rethinking Balapuk & This Blog

I've decided to reinvent Balapük as something closer to original Volapük (Volapük Rigik), using the Volapük orthography.

Currently I am working on the vocabulary from the VO handbook and going to be posting it here when finished. In the original it is a two way dictionary in one, not good. When the VO to EN file is sorted out, I can start translating the English to German and Esperanto so there will be more languages available.

As for Balapük, I am intending to sort out the grammar first, throwing out all the grammar stuff that is not really needed for communication. I am also going to sort through the VO affixes and such to see what to keep.

Then I can start going through the vocabulary to see which VO words are also in Balapük. A lot of work since I am also updating the conlang Amerysk, a 1978 conlang for which I am a self appointed guardian.

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