Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Working with 'simplified Volapük'

I am thinking of making a Facebook page for my 'simplified Volapük'. Though it's not as if I didn't have enough Facebook pages already to tend.

I sincerely doubt the page will get much following. There is not much interest in Volapük, and what I have been able to find is very much in favor of the de Jong 'reformed' Volapük. The problem with the 'reform' is that the language remains highly complicated to learn.

My idea is to use the vocabulary from original Volapük and add language-simplification details from Esperanto and Ido to come up with a Volapük-based IAL which is more-or-less as easy to learn as Esperanto/Ido but has the Volapük look to it.

I want a name for the language that has 'Volapük' in it. Volapükil? Volapüket? Both the endings are diminutives according to my Volapük book. Probably the first. I shall post the new Volapük/Volapükil page's link here once I create it.