Monday, August 30, 2010

Volapük's New Flag

The language Volapük will possibly have its own flag. The flag above is one of the possibilities. See the other flags:

Why would a language need a flag? Esperanto already has one. It is useful as an icon on multilingual web sites.

The flag issue is being discussed at:


  1. Glidis, o Nissa!

    Congratulations about your Volapük blog, it is great to have three active blogs at the moment! Please add my blog to your list too, I will add you to mine. The address is

    If you want to speak Volapük fast, you can chat with me and other Volapükans on Skype. I posted a message on the yahoo group with my user name on that program. See you soon. . Keep up the good work!

  2. O flen Radu! I have added your blog to my list, thanks for adding mine.

    I don't Skype (not even in English, my native language). But I am working hard on Volapük, and so far I am keeping up with the 'Bible' posts which are helping me learn.

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