Saturday, September 4, 2010

International Volapük Learning Month

October is InVoLeMo (International Volapük Learning Month)!

First there was June Dairy Month, when folks stand around appreciating milk, butter and cheese and the goats, cows and camels who produce them.

Next there was National Novel Writing Month, when folks around the globe got together to madly write novels in the course of a single month.

Now, we announce International Volapük learning month--- a month in which otherwise normal citizens spend time learning an obscure conlang (artificial language) rather than watching Law & Order reruns for the tenth time.

Do you know about the Volapük language? In 1880, Father Johann Martin Schleyer created an international language, Volapük. There were Volapük clubs and periodicals. But because Esperanto was easier to learn, the Volapük movement waned.

It's a time to celebrate the part of yourself that doesn't follow the crowd, that doesn't worship at the altar of being practical. And once you've spent a month doing that, who knows what can happen?

InVoLeMo is sponsored by the blog Kat e Rat and not by any Volapük society or group. InVoLeMo is not to be taken internally and has not been shown to prevent, cure or cause any disease. Use InVoLeMo at your own risk.

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