Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Volapük-English dictionaries

On there are a number of Volapük books available as reprints. One of them is Wood's Dictionary of Volapük: Volapük-English, English-Volapük which was originally published over a hundred years ago.

This means it was published before the revision of the Volapük language in 1931. While this dictionary would be of historical value and of use to the advanced student, I wonder if it would be very helpful to the beginning student.

There is a dictionary in modern Volapük by Ralph Midgely. It is available at the Volapük Online Resource in PDF or Microsoft Word formats. I don't know if there are plans to put this dictionary into real book form. But in this day of on-demand publishers such as, one can always hope. Until then we must be content to either keep the dictionary as a file on our computers, or go through the effort to print the pages out and put them into a binder. (Get a BIG binder.)

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