Monday, September 13, 2010

New Volapük BYKI list: Nims 1 (Animals)

A second list of Volapük words has been added to the BYKI web site. BYKI or 'Before You Know It' is free language learning software--- like language flashcards. Download the free version at You will have to pick a language version other than Volapük because Volapük is not one of the languages. So choose whichever language you want to learn... German, Korean, Latin, Croatian....

The new list features animal names. You can view it or download it for your own BYKI program at  Remember to RATE the list--- give it one to five stars. You might also choose to comment on the list.  Rating or commenting will help Volapük get more attention on the BYKI web site.

The vocabulary words in this list will be featured in this blog's next 'Wordlist' language lesson, so practicing them now will give you a head start.

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