Wednesday, January 12, 2011

bal, tel, kil.....

Today our 'word of the day' is five words--- the first 5 numbers. All of these numbers are taken directly from Volapük. Where Fr. Schleyer* got them from I don't have any idea.....

We also have the verb 'to be' = binij. The verb ending is -ij, which is pronounced like the 'ee' in feet.

bal = 1
tel = 2
kil = 3
fol = 4
lul = 5

bal e bal binij tel = 1+1=2
tel e kil binij lul = 2+3=5
tel e tel binij fol = 2+2=4
fol e bal binij lul = 4+1=5
tel e bal binij kil = 2+1=3

kat bal e katet lul = one cat and five kittens/unu kato kaj kvin katidoj/Eine Katze und fünf Kätzchen
rat fol e katet fol = four rats and four kittens/kvar ratoj kaj kvar katidoj/vier Ratten und vier Kätzchen

*Father Johann Martin Schleyer was the creator of Volapük.

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