Monday, January 10, 2011

Balapuk Word of the Day: katet


EN: English = kitten
EO: Esperanto = katido
DE: Deutsch = Kätzchen
VO: Volapük = katil, katül
KO: 한국어 = 새끼 고양이 (saekki goyangi)
JA: 日本語 = 子ネコ (ko neko)
ZH: 简体中文版 = 小猫 (xiǎomāo)


EN: English = cat
EO: Esperanto = kato
DE: Deutsch = Katze
VO: Volapük = kat
KO: 한국어 = 고양이 (goyangi)
JA: 日本語 = 猫 (neko)
ZH: 简体中文版 = 猫 (māo)

kat e katet, katet e kat = kato kaj katido, katido kaj kato

katet Yeonyi

I really love kittens. So I urgently need a word for kitten in Balapuk. I also have included the word for cat so one can compare.

Looking up the Asian languages I've learned some interesting things. I found the Japanese word for kitten using BabelFish. As always, I double-checked by cut-and-pasting the Japanese word into BabelFish to translate it back to English. The result was 'child cat'. And did you notice that the Chinese for cat is 'Mao'? Poor kitties!

Coming soon in Word of the Day--- a word that means both 'chopstick' and 'fork'. And numbers! And eventually verbs--- but not irregular verbs. (Balapuk verbs all use Metamucil.)

For translation I use:
Traduku for Esperanto
Hong's Hangul Conversion Tools for Korean transliteration
Romanji Translator for Japanese transliteration
Chinese to English Conversion for Chinese translation and transliteration

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