Thursday, January 6, 2011

Free Volapük books online

Here is a list of Volapük books that are available for free in PDF format online. (Some say they are available in Kindle format, but I've found these versions to be badly scanned, uncorrected and thus unusable.) These are all in the original Volapuk, not the modern revision, and are all in the public domain. Some may be in print, available through If you find any other Volapuk books available online, please add them in a comment.

A Dictionary of the English and Volapük languages: John Rellye, 1888
Dictionary of Volapük: Volapük-English, English-Volapük: Marshall William Wood, 1889
Hand-book of Volapük: Charles Ezra Sprague, 1888
Volaspodel: a monthly magazine devoted to the propagation.... 1893
Volapük: An Easy Method... Klas August Linderfelt, 1887
Volapük, or, Universal language : a short grammatical course: Alfred Kirchhoff, 1888
International Commercial Language: Abridged Grammar of Volapük, Auguste Kerchhoffs, 1888
Dictionnaire volapük-français et français-volapük, précédé d'une grammaire complète de la langue: Kerchhoffs & Schleyer (1887)
Comprehensive Volapük Grammar, Alfred A. Post (1890)

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